Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient yoga. In ancient India, it was generally only practiced in the royal family. She combines Hatha Yoga (human polarity), Laya Yoga (combining individual infinity with cosmic infinity), mantra yoga (practicing yoga with sound) and Tantra yoga (using psychophysiological techniques to clear unwanted subconscious , to bring clear awareness into the human mind) is a combination of yoga. It was spread to the West by Yogi Bhajan in the 60’s.

There is a kind of energy at the end of each person’s spine, which is like a snake under the tailbone, usually in a dormant state, not activated. This energy is “Serpent energy, Kundalini”. All yoga practice ends by activating and raising this energy through the central channel, into the state of Samadhi. The practice of Kundalini Yoga is all about awakening this dormant reserve energy and raising it up. When the energy of Kundalini increases, people become more and more alert and sensitive to their own and external affairs, and their understanding of the fields they touch improves, and people will become kind, kind and loving. Kundalini yoga practice can adjust the energy and function of the human endocrine system and central nervous system, so as to restore the human body’s spiritual (mental), nervous and physical sensitivity. The whole brain can receive various information and synthesize it neutrally By analyzing this information and bringing clarity to your judgments and experiences, you can experience the beauty of life. In the end, you will have full and complete awareness and develop your creative potential.

The practice of Kundalini Yoga is Kriya, not pose or asana. Each Kriya includes three aspects: breathing exercises (Pranayama), physical movement in conjunction with breathing, and meditation. Under normal circumstances, look at the center of the eyebrows or a certain point of attention with both eyes, focus on breathing, feel and perceive the movement of the body, and let the breath (energy) drive the movement of the body, which can well avoid injuries. The center of the eyebrows is called the third eye in yoga, through which one can see clearly one’s inner world and the outer world. Once you look at the center of your eyebrows, your breathing will be even and distracting thoughts will soon disappear. Everyone can practice Kundalini Yoga. Practitioners will enjoy a complete family life, increase tolerance, calmly face the pressure in life, and at the same time maintain youth, beauty and health. These exercises allow you to face your mistakes and vulnerabilities with health, joy, and godliness. This is the purpose of practicing Kundalini Yoga. The effects that can be seen in Kundalini yoga practice: enhance musculoskeletal texture and flexibility; enter into a deep, natural and smooth breathing rhythm; adjust the Dantian and strengthen the strength of the bottom triangle; strengthen the nervous system; balance the glandular secretion of the endocrine system; enhance The aura and power of the human body, the protection and projection power of the electromagnetic field of the human body, enhance the resistance to stress and disease; open the heart chakra to love, enhance the deep awareness and trust of consciousness. Allow life to flow naturally in awareness; creating deep relaxation and natural healing.



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Cui Xizhong

International Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Trained by Indian Samadhi Yoga School MD, scientist Good at Kundalini Yoga

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