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People around the world have already lived in the Covid pandemic for over two years. The pandemic has profoundly altered our minds and lives. We now pay more attention to our family and health. The more we have to limit our physical contact with the world, the more we cherish the opportunity to connect with people.   

During the pandemic, people avoided crowded gyms and instead, worked out at home or in the outdoors. Many fitness instructors picked up this trend and started offering live lessons online. “Cloud” fitness became hip. Because of the social needs in connecting with people, having a group of like-minded peers to do it together and receiving supports and encouragement makes the workout a lot more enjoyable. 

In response to such a trend, Alliance For Impact (‘AFI”), a not-for profit organization with the mission to encourage Chinese Americans to share resources, support our communities, and empower community members to promote positive social and economic changes., launched the Sky Gym project. In this project, AFI have invited professional instructors to teach various fitness courses for the community for free. It aims to bring more people to socialize, exercise and more importantly to enjoy a healthy and happy life.  

Since its launch in January 2022, Sky Gym has been a vast success. More and more people are joining the courses each month. In March alone, there have been more than  7500 attendances in Sky Gym.  

All Sky Gym fitness courses are taught online live via Zoom. They include Yoga, Barrefit, dances, LaBlast Fitness, martial arts, Taichi etc.(for more details, please refer to the poster). Whether you are looking to learn something new or to improve your existing skills, you can always find something suitable here. 

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We care your health & happiness

Meet more friends and get connected with certified instructors. More and more people are joining the courses each month. In March alone, there have been more than 7500 attendances in Sky Gym.