Chen Style Tai Chi

Requirements: Beginner levelEvery Wednesday 8:00-9:00 pm (US East) 5:00-6:00 PM (US West) (new starting time from July)

Aerobics,Zumba & Yoga dance

Listen to music, enjoy sports, pursue the perfect combination of music and sports, and achieve physical comfort and freedom! For any piece of music, use the body to listen, perceive and perform, and realize the flow and joy of the body in the process of enjoying the music! Believe in yourself, as long as you …

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Integrated Yoga

Yoga, this ancient and magical exercise is to comb our meridians and internal organs through the movement of Qi in countless yoga poses. The elegant and peaceful music encourages each participant to stretch every inch of their muscles, thereby strengthening the body, increasing endurance and flexibility. After persevering practice and finally achieve physical and mental …

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Hatha Yoga

Through the training of breathing and body balance, the internal and external circulatory systems of the body can be developed in a healthy and balanced manner. Strengthens bones and increases flexibility and coordination of the body. Stimulate the blood circulation of body organs, glands and nervous system, quickly restore the healthy work of the body …

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